Let’s Do This


I'm Mackenzie. 

The voice, face, hands, and feet of Downpause!

I started this company with a desire to help others navigate this chaotic landscape of online media, with the ability to focus on each client's needs individually. From social media to online marketing to analytics to SEO, I'm here to help you not only understand your speed bumps and mountains, but how to tackle them and help you finally start creating engaging content. 

There is no question that people need great content online in order to gain new customers, members, or clients. It's the way many people, especially Millennials (one of the largest consumer demographic groups), now make their decisions.

People head to the internet without a second thought to look for a coffee shop, hair salon, car insurance, reviews on vacations, and what products to buy or services to use.

So why isn't your online presence top notch?!

Well don't despair! There's a lot to figure out, and whether you have a vague idea of what you're doing, not a clue in the world, or just maybe you don't have time to do it yourself, that's where I come in.

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I thrive in the online world of marketing communications, focusing on the social impact (i.e. social good, giveback model, ethical branding, etc.). I can manage everything from Facebook to Pinterest to Wordpress to LinkedIn, the list goes on... I will use my writing, PR, advertising, and social media skills to get your company's online presence up & running, using my experience supporting tight-budget non-profits and start-ups to larger agencies and organizations. I want to make sure each plan is customized to my client’s needs.

Eager to hear from you!