Why Should You Trust Me?

Why Should You Trust Me?

As a Millennial, I’m constantly bombarded by content on social media and online. There are thousands of mommy bloggers, fitness influencers, podcasters… the list goes on. And chance are you follow hundreds of them, like I do. But how often do you find yourself rolling your eyes at their advice, or feeling like you’re being fed the same content over and over?

With the title ‘Marketing Manager’ comes a responsibility of spending quite a bit of time on the internet. So one skill I’ve had to refine is discovering accounts, blogs, and people who are choosing to be authentic on social media and beyond. It’s easy to post a photo with an inspirational quote in the comments, but what are they truly contributing? Too many “business accounts” are promoting fit teas, instant-result programs, and promises of thousands or even millions of dollars worth of client. And these just aren’t realistic. Branding and true business sense takes time, practice, experience, and requires the help of others.

In that vein comes along the ‘self-help’ industry, with again more promises of finding yourself, making more money, discovering your confidence, and building a business from nothing. But where are these self-help books coming from? Other people. Other people’s ideas of how you can help yourself. While I may be able to learn a few lessons from a 55-year-old man from Boston, MA, I certainly won’t learn how to find my young adult woman’s confidence trying to follow his story and life path.

These stories and experiences only take you so far. You will finally hit a point where the research has to stop and the doing has to start.

So let me help you help yourself. This isn’t self-help, or a webinar where I end by trying to sell you a guaranteed program to make you millions of dollars. This is where we sit down in a business relationship and I help you discover your brand, your companies goals, initiatives, potential, and more. That’s my niche, and I know that working together will prove fruitful, because it’s in my experience and passion that I have been able to grow this freelance passion into a business truly helping other.

Let’s get started.