downpause /doun - pôz/ 

noun :: a temporary stop in the storm or rain; i.e. downpour. 

"They experienced a downpause while driving through the tunnel during the rainstorm."

Social Media is a storytelling opportunity.

One that not enough companies take advantage of.

It's more important than ever to tell your story to help your brand stand out + resonate with your current and potential customers.

My Mission

Focus on the client's needs and wants while expanding their online outreach. Through branded content, marketing programs, social media development, analytics analyses, and more, I aim to increase numbers of clients, followers, brand loyalists and more!

I am here for you before, during, and after the downpause.


  • Social Media Audit to assess your baseline

  • Research and establish social media rules and guidelines for small businesses

  • Build and implement Brand Guides, which include branding and marketing tips & best practices

  • Create and plan social media campaigns across major social platforms - relevant to the company’s needs

  • Develop copy and design visuals for events and campaigns

  • Plan e-mail marketing campaigns via a variety of e-mail marketing platforms

  • Design T-shirts for events and fundraising campaigns

  • Manage social media profiles

  • Produce content for company blogs


Hello and welcome!

I'm Mackenzie. To add a little background to me, I’m born and raised in Seattle, WA but grew up traveling and landed in Southern California more than 9 years ago. I still love to travel, but love exploring my current “home.”

I sing and play a few instruments - just love music in general. I love being outdoors. And I love to eat even more - you’re more likely to find me in a great new gluten free restaurant than hiking a large mountain.

I’ve worked for non-profits and large corporations, and the experience I bring to the table allows me to work with different kinds of companies. My passion for social impact and social enterprises drives my passion for marketing and storytelling.

Email me to learn more about the kinds of projects I can whip up for you.

Or come say hello on LinkedIn!